Unmute #001

Unmute #001

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter! As most of you know, I've taught for a long time in private classrooms and in local communities. Despite the fear, I have decided to share my thoughts and ideas in public.  I'm on a journey to unmute myself and in doing so, I hope to encourage others to do the same. I hope you find some value in this newsletter. I hope to improve it over time. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

Happy MLK Day!

Today we honor and celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. in the United States. He could have stayed silent, but chose to unmute himself despite paying the ultimate price. MLK was a tireless advocate for peace and equality. May we join in this ongoing struggle to bring truth and justice into the world.

New Subscribers

Reddy, Julia, Naseem, Bea, Dan, Jenny, Cam, Brian, John, David, Cliff, Bill, Wallace, Beth, William, Edward, Gary, Mike, Kim, Mike, Clay, and Laurence — thank you for subscribing to my newsletter!

The Power of Minimum Viable Video

Cam Houser and Julia Saxena created a powerful course called Minimum Viable Video. For me, the most important part of the class was getting the courage to check "public" instead of "unlisted" for my YouTube videos. The community that Cam and Julia created was positive, uplifting, and affirming.

Linking Your Thinking

For a long time I struggled with collecting too many notes, articles, and PDFs. Over the last few years I've been interested in becoming a better note taker and creating a better creative flow. Nick Milo is a gifted teacher who has created a workshop called "Linking Your Thinking." If you want to better organize your thinking, I highly recommend Nick's workshop.

Ship 30 for 30

To kick start my unmuting project, I signed up for Dickie Bush's, Ship 30 for 30. It is a writing challenge to write 30 short essays in 30 days. One of the primary benefits of this writing program is to stop thinking about becoming a better writing. Instead, I'm practicing being a better writer.

New Writing

Here is some of the writing I've done in the last few weeks.

  • The Writing Cage describes an early attempt to write an article for the college newspaper. I encounter some of the roots factors of my strong inner-critic.
  • 2021: New and Untouched is a message for the new year.
  • To Share or Not Share examines the continuum from silence to expression.
  • How to Stay Stuck and Muted I've had years of practice of being stuck and muted. I have developed some useful scripts that might help you bolster your armory of excuses.
  • Kareem, Can I Buy You Dinner? describes a regret that I've had for 38 years.
  • Are you Passive or Active on Twitter? With a shifted mindset, Twitter can become a powerful platform to teach, learn, and build connections with others. I am now using Twitter in a way that is effective for me.
  • The G.I.V.E. Framework: If you want to move from silence to expression, you need to have a system that supports your creative work
  • Mute the World: We are built for connection, but we also need solitude. Most of us are starving for stillness, but are too busy to notice.
  • If You Want Balance, Get in Motion gives some ideas on how to get more balance in your life.
  • The Wellness Wheel is a tool to help you visualize the different areas of your life.
  • Burn Your Writing is a useful tool to reclaim your equanimity and align your voice with your values. Then, unmute and speak your truth with purpose, clarity, and power.
  • Hindrances to Work: If you are having trouble focusing and getting your work done, are you being blocked by one of the Five Hindrances?
  • My First Day of Teaching: As I was trying to lift up the desk, I thought, "Oh my God. How am I going to survive this?" I made it through my first day and lived to teach another day, and another.
  • Leave Your Jail Cell: Do you feel stuck or trapped? Reach out to a friend or mentor. Leave your jail cell.
  • When Bruce Lee Died, I Didn't Know What to Say: I share some ideas on how to be present to people who are in pain.

New Videos

Here are a few of the videos I've produced in the last few months.